What they're saying about National Aquarium relocating dolphins

Baltimore's National Aquarium announced plans Tuesday to move its colony of dolphins from its amphitheater pool to the nation's first oceanside dolphin sanctuary.

Here's what is being said this morning following the announcement:


John Racanelli, National Aquarium CEO:

"Although this decision is about our group of dolphins, it is every bit as much about our humanity; for the way a society treats the animals with whom it shares this planet speaks volumes about us."

Kris Vehrs, Interim President & CEO of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums:

"Every member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums must make animal welfare decisions appropriate for the animals in its care. National Aquarium has been researching the possibility of moving the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in its care to a seaside location and is now ready to take the next step. The National Aquarium will be working closely with the applicable federal and state agencies as they undertake the relocation and as the animals adapt to their new environment."

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman:

"After more than 20 years of protests against the cruelty of captivity, PETA today applauds the National Aquarium for making the decision to let the dolphins out of its tanks and put them back into the ocean where they belong. The National Aquarium's welcome move recognizes that the needs of intelligent, sensitive, far-ranging dolphins simply can't be met in captivity. This spells the beginning of the end for dolphin captivity and the start of an age in which SeaWorld, the Miami Seaquarium, and other marine parks reject excuses not to retire long-suffering captive dolphins—including orcas—to sanctuaries."

This will be updated.