Timeline of the investigation into City Hall

Feb. 2006: The Baltimore Sun reports that Mayor Sheila Dixon questions officials from Comcast at an investigative hearing, asking them to give more work to the company that employed her sister, Union Technologies. Dixon had not disclosed that her sister worked for the company as city rules require.

March 2006: The Baltimore Sun reports that Dixon steered $600,000 worth of city work over six years to Dale G. Clark, her former campaign chairman, from early 1996 to April 6, 2001. Clark did not have a contract for five of those years.

June 2006: Officials from the state prosecutor's office search Utech's Baltimore office in the 3400 block of S. Hanover St. They also search the Randallstown home of Utech's president, Mildred E. Boyer.

Aug. 2006: State prosecutors search the home of Clark. His home was on Tentmill Lane in the apartment complex of St. Charles at Olde Court. Clark was the president of Ultimate Network Integration.

Dec. 20, 2006: A city grand jury indicts Utech president Mildred E. Boyer on charges of theft, lying on loan documents and filing false tax returns in a 10-count indictment.

Jan. 2007: Dixon is automatically elevated from City Council president to become the city's first female mayor after Martin O'Malley is sworn in as governor and leaves the mayor's office in Baltimore.

Aug. 2007: The state prosecutor's office charges Clark for failure to file state income tax returns in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Sept. 2007: Clark pleads guilty to failing to file tax returns and agrees to cooperate with the state prosecutor's investigation.

Sept. 2007: Dixon wins the Democratic primary, defeating Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr.

Nov. 2007: Dixon wins the general election for mayor.

Nov. 28, 2007: The East Baltimore headquarters of Ronald H. Lipscomb's company, Doracon Contracting Inc., is searched by state prosecutors. Prosecutors allege a "corrupt relationship" between Dixon and Lipscomb in an affidavit for the search and seizure warrant.

Jan. 2008: Dixon is sworn in to office.

March 11, 2008: Mildred E. Boyer pleads guilty to falsifying tax returns.

June 17, 2008: Dixon's West Baltimore home is raided by officials from the state prosecutor's office for seven hours.

Oct. 2008: State prosecutors subpoena thousands of pages of documents from City Council and City Hall seeking information about four development projects that Lipscomb was involved with.

Jan. 7, 2009: A Baltimore grand jury indicts City Councilwoman Helen L. Holton and Lipscomb -- who once dated Dixon -- on bribery charges related to tax breaks for luxury buildings under construction on the city waterfront.

Jan. 9, 2009: Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is indicted. Dixon was charged with perjury, theft, fraudulent misappropriation and misconduct, stemming in part from gifts she received from Lipscomb.

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