Pit bull
(AP photo)

An online travel show came to parts of Baltimore where "The Wire" was shot and turned up a story about pit bulls and entrepreneurial guys in the 'hood.

"We had a situation, I think it was on season three, where one of the residents had their pit bull out in the back yard that just kept barking and barking and barking," Eric Bannat, location scout for the HBO series, says on the video. "And somebody agreed to give the person $20 to take their dog inside for the rest of our shoot.


"And the next time we came back here, people had borrowed friends' and neighbors' and relatives' dogs. So the place was literally crawling with 15 dogs in various back yards with everybody wanting to get --

"Hush money," the video host breaks in.  "Hush puppy money."

Although The Onion itself is a satirical news site, the video series plays things straight. Not that anyone in Baltimore would have trouble buying that pit bull bit.

The Web videos are part of AV Club's "Pop Pilgrims" series, which visits locations with connections to pop culture. Other stops include the Austin,Texas, football field featured in "Friday Night Lights" and Jimmy Stewart's San Francisco apartment in "Vertigo."

Launched in May, the series devotes three episodes to Baltimore and "The Wire." The first posted Monday. The second video, which includes a visit to the fictional legalized drug zone known as "Hamsterdam" and the corner grocery that is the site of Omar's -- SPOILER ALERT -- undoing, posted Wednesday. The third comes Friday.