Tears of joy from man who filmed Freddie Gray's arrest

Freddie Gray's friend says it "feels so good that black people finally matter."

Residents whooped and praised God, swept each other into hugs and cried tears of joy at the Gilmor Homes on Friday in the spot where Freddie Gray had been arrested April 12 after they learned that police officers involved in his death would be criminally charged.

"I'm exuberant. I'm happy. I'm every positive word you can think of," said Kevin Moore, who filmed Gray's arrest. "I finally made a difference in the world."

Tears streaking his cheeks, Moore said it "feels so good that black people finally matter."

He vowed to continue seeking justice for the friend he calls "my man, Freddie G."

"We're going to keep on marching for human rights," he said. "We're going to keep on going until this stops -- the police brutality."

Rontee Jenkins, 26, a lifelong friend of Gray, said he wept tears of joy when he heard the officers had been charged in Gray's death.

"That's a friend we ain't never going to be able to replace," said Jenkins, who helped carry Gray's casket.

He stood by a small memorial marking the spot where Gray was arrested -- a teddy bear, silk sunflowers and a few candles.

Jenkins pulled up a photo on Instagram showing himself with Gray and other friends three months ago.

Gray had written in the post that he loved his friends and would die for them.

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