The Malvo interrogation

Excerpts from a taped interrogation by Prince William County Detective Samuel Walker with teen-age sniper suspect Lee Boyd Malvo in November 2002:

Malvo: "I'll talk about this, but I won't incriminate."

Walker: "I'm not asking you to incriminate anybody. ..."

Walker: "Have you decided that you want to take the blame for all of this? I mean, have you? Because if you have not decided that you want to take the blame for all of this, OK, he's already incriminated."

Malvo: "Well I don't put the blame on anyone. We both are already incriminated. I know the evidence that you found in the car. ..."

Malvo and Walker discuss the shooting of Dean H. Meyers at a gas station near Manassas, Va., on Oct. 9 of last year.

Walker: "OK, now let me ask you this question, OK, he's pumping gas, OK. Is he facing you or is his back to you or?"

Malvo: "He's in more of a diagonal, sideways."

Walker: "He's sideways?"

Malvo: "Like this, his body twisted sideways so I couldn't get a body shot. ..."

Walker: "You couldn't get a body shot, so you had to go for the head?"

Malvo nods.

Walker: "When he was hit, OK, what did he do? What happened?

Malvo: "He went down. I just saw the body started falling. I didn't stay around and watch it go down. ..."

Walker: "Obviously you guys weren't working right during that time?"

Malvo: "It was work."

Walker: "You were working?"

Malvo: "Um huh."

Walker: "How were you working? I mean other than the work that you were doing, other than the shootings."

Malvo: "It took time to plan it."

Walker: "So that was work?"

Malvo: "So that was work."

Walker: "Other than that work, OK, other than that work, OK."

Malvo: "Nope."

Walker: "How were you all living?"

Malvo: "Now you are deviating, you said it was only about a specific crime, and it wouldn't go any further than that. Now you are deviating from what you said."

Walker: "OK, all right. Thanks for telling me because if that's a problem, I won't, OK. OK, um, let's go back to the gas station there. If there were other people at the gas pumps, OK, why did you select the target, the man?

Malvo: "He came within my zone. ..."

Walker: "How long have you been shooting?"

Malvo: "Not even a year."

Walker: "Not even a year? You learned pretty fast."

Malvo: "I tried."

Walker: "What did you train on?"

Malvo: "Paper plates."

Walker: "Paper plates? Oh yeah."

Malvo: "Head."

Walker: "For the head? So paper plates represent the head? What kind of weapon? Because obviously you are pretty good. I mean. "

Malvo: "All. ..."

Walker: "OK, now for my understanding, OK, because I have had some thoughts about this, OK, were there some people you wanted not to die?"

Malvo shakes his head.

Walker: "You intended to kill them all?"

Malvo nods his head.

Walker: "Everyone you shot you intended to kill?"

Malvo: "Well I I intended to kill them all. ..."

Walker: "OK, did you want us to catch you?"

Malvo: "I would prefer to be elusive, unknown and free."

Walker: "So why do you think we caught you?"

Malvo: "My my laziness, my lack of discipline."

Walker: "Your lack of discipline? What does that mean?"

Malvo: "I departed from something."

Walker: "You departed from something?"

Malvo: "Yeah that I know works for five minutes of pleasure. ..."

Walker: "Were you the triggerman in all of them?"

Malvo: "Basically, yeah."

Walker: "Basically, OK, basically means in most of them but not all?"

Malvo: "In all of them."

Walker: "You were the triggerman in all of them."

Malvo nods.

Walker: "OK, why?"

Malvo: "It's a plan, you stick to it. You don't deviate, you don't change it."

Walker: "But why was the plan that you be the shooter?"

Malvo: "It's definitely because we're both capable. ..."

Walker: "Now had you already planned where your next target was going to be at that time?"

Malvo: "They were all planned beforehand."

Walker: "You planned them all beforehand? Every single one was planned, and you just went in some kind of order in which they were planned."

Malvo: "Uh huh. ..."

Walker: "And so you were going to go through them all again until we listened to or?

Malvo nods.

Walker: "You started in Montgomery County, and it's Montgomery County where you ended?"

Malvo: "We had a strategy from the beginning."

Walker: "Where? what? "

Malvo: "You keep your enemy fortified."

Walker: "OK."

Malvo: "You stretch them out and make them weak. ..."

Walker: "How long were you going to shoot, kill people?"

Malvo: "The detectives could have stopped us at six."

Walker: "They could have stopped it at six."

Malvo: "They chose not to."

Walker: "How could they have stopped it?"

Malvo: "Heed to the demands."

Walker: "Heed to the demands and that was for the money, right, and you were going to continue shooting until they heeded to the demands."