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Philip H. Goodman

Term: 1962 to 1963 After the resignation of J. Harold Grady in November 1962, Goodman, who had been the mayor's running mate and president of the City Council, succeeded him, serving out the remaining five months of his term. Earlier, Goodman had been elected to the City Council in 1951, and left the council in 1954 when he was elected to the state Senate, and re-elected four years later. He resigned in 1959 when he was swept into office as president of the City Council. "During the years as Council president, Mr. Goodman showed a love for the give-and-take of political infighting," observed The Baltimore Sun at his death in 1976. "He took his relish for hard work to the mayor's office and put in long days there." He was defeated in 1963 by Theodore R. McKeldin. In later years, he was appointed chairman of the Civic Center Commission by Mayor Thomas J. D'Alesandro III. After leaving public life, he later became a partner in the law firm of Goodman, Meagher and Enoch. Sources differ on Goodman's age at his death. Some say he was 60 while others 62. He was buried at Har Sinai Cemetery in Southeast Baltimore. Pictured: Mayor Elect Theodore R. McKeldin and Mayor Philip H. Goodman (right) in the Mayor's office at City Hall in 1963.
Sun photo by Edward Nolan
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