News Reader for iOS and Android

With The Baltimore Sun News Reader app, stay on top of the Baltimore and Maryland news that matters to you without missing the news that just plain matters.

  • Customizable: Add and reorder sections to reflect the topics you're most interested in.

  • Save for later/offline reading: Set aside must-read stories for when you have the time to enjoy them, and download them for times when you're without a connection.

  • Push alerts: Get notified about breaking news and other standout content for only the topics you're interested in. Choose from Top News, Crime & Courts, Orioles, Ravens, Events, and Dining.

  • Headlines widgets: Put the latest Sun headlines on iOS's Today View or an Android home screen panel.
  • Apple Watch extension (iPhone 5 and above): Get alerts, scan headlines, have Siri read stories to you now, and save stories to read on your iPhone later with the app's Apple Watch extension, which, once you download the app on your iPhone, will appear in your iPhone's Apple Watch app.

The app is free to download. A limited amount of content can be accessed without a subscription. Unlimited access requires Unlimited Digital Access, which can be ordered inside or outside the app and is part of print subscriptions. New subscribers who order Unlimited Digital Access inside the app receive a free one-month trial.

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