Aftershock: 4.5 magnitude earthquake felt overnight in Baltimore

A 4.5 magnitude earthquake – an apparent aftershock to Tuesday’s 5.8 quake that shook Baltimore – was recorded at 1:08 a.m., near Mineral, Va., the U.S. Geological Survey is reporting.

The details of the aftershock are here.

Some Baltimore area residents, including those in Federal Hill, Butchers Hill, Highlandtown and Bel Air, reported via Facebook and Twitter that they had felt tremors from the quake, whose epicenter is about 140 miles from Baltimore.

"I felt the first heavy tremor about 1:10 and over the last hour I have felt several minor tremors," Little Italy resident Joseph Watchinsky wrote on Facebook. "This house is 200 yrs old and has ridgid construction shakes with the smallest tremor and my Jack Russle is acting creepy, or creepier then usual so I'll be sleeping with one eye open tonight."

After the largest earthquake to hit the East Coast in more than 60 years on Tuesday, researchers predicted that aftershocks could likely occur.