Victim's phone leads Annapolis police to woman's attacker

Annapolis police investigating the June 21 rape and robbery of a 25-year-old woman tracked the use of her missing phone — which included a call to Guatemala — and eventually found it in the apartment of Angel Antonio-Chevarria, according to police and prosecutors.

Antonio-Chevarria, 32, pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree rape in the 1 a.m. attack in which an Annapolis-area woman was seriously injured.

Assistant State's Attorney Sandra F. Howell told Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Paul A. Hackner that she intends to seek the maximum sentence of life in prison when Antonio-Chevarria is returned to court Dec. 8. Prosecutors said they believe Antonio-Chevarria, who is from Guatemala, is in the United States illegally.

After an evening of drinking in downtown Annapolis, the victim went to a friend's home in Eastport, Howell said. After a few hours, the woman decided to walk to her car. While she was walking along Wells Avenue, she was grabbed from behind, sexually assaulted, injured and robbed, Howell said.

The woman pounded on the door of a nearby house, and the residents called 911, according to Howell.

Over several days, police traced the woman's phone to an apartment building. Meanwhile, the woman was receiving vulgar calls from her own phone.

Police questioned Antonio-Chevarria, who first told them he'd bought the phone. When police said they were investigating a rape, he told them he had consensual sex with a woman who stopped him in the street, according to prosecutor.

Howell said forensic tests matched his DNA to genetic material at the crime scene.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutors' office said federal immigration officials have lodged a detainer against Antonio-Chevarria.

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