'Vial of life' kit free to Anne Arundel residents

Anne Arundel County residents can get a free "vial of life" kit, a container designed to hold emergency medical and contact information, starting Friday at county fire stations.

Fire Chief John Robert Ray said residents should complete the form in the 3-inch "lifesaving information for emergency" vial and place the vial in the refrigerator, which protects it from fire.

A refrigerator sticker will alert emergency workers that there is a vial inside. The vial can be especially useful for people who are elderly, disabled or live alone, he said.

Crucial information can help emergency workers provide proper medical care, said County Executive John R. Leopold.

The county and Anne Arundel Fire Safety Foundation, which have joined in the effort, are making the vials available 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily at fire stations and during weekday business hours at Fire Department headquarters.


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