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911 tapes indicate Baltimore County man accused in murder-suicide asked bystander to watch his young sons

Harry Anthony Rey asked a stranger for a favor before he killed himself last week, according to 911 tapes released Friday.

The tapes indicate Rey pulled up to Red Lobster at Arundel Mills mall and asked a woman to watch his three boys.

“He said, ‘Hey, do me a favor. Call 911 and take these boys,” the woman told police.

Anne Arundel County police released her 911 call Friday. The recording details events of last Wednesday, when police say Rey, 35, allegedly killed his wife, dropped off their sons, then drove away.

Officers found Rey shot in his pickup truck parked a few miles away down a wooded area off Telegraph Road in Severn. Police say Rey shot himself.

Officials also released another 911 call by a woman who found his body. On that tape, the woman tells the operator someone had committed suicide on her property. She says a family member checked for a pulse and found none.

The day prior, police had been called because the husband and wife were allegedly arguing in their mobile home in Woodstock, a rural area on the border of Baltimore and Howard counties. Officers said they found no sign the couple had been fighting physically, drinking or taking drugs. But neighbors told police the two often argued.

The next day, Rey killed his wife of about eight years, police say. They found Amber Cox, 28, shot inside the mobile home.

Police say that after the shooting, Rey drove 20 miles to the mall and dropped off the boys, 7-year-old twins and a 6-year-old. The tape indicates that he left them with a note.

“The kids gave me this note,” the woman told the 911 operator. “I guess the father gave it to them to give to me.”

The 911 operator didn’t ask what was written.

In Maryland, 46 people were killed in incidents of domestic violence during the past fiscal year, according to the nonprofit Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence. Among them, 11 men killed themselves after killing or attempting to kill their partner. Baltimore County had the highest number of domestic violence deaths: nine.

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