Suspect arrested in Glen Burnie shooting after nearly daylong standoff; one man dead

Police arrested a suspect Monday afternoon in a Glen Burnie shooting after the armed man barricaded himself in his apartment most of the day.

Anne Arundel County Police had negotiators try to get the man to surrender, said Lt. Ryan Frashure, police spokesman.


Police have not yet identified the suspect.

“Everyone’s safety is paramount to us,” Frashure said, including the citizens in the apartment complex, officers and the suspect.

When negotiations failed, Special Operations Response Team officers entered the man’s apartment and took him into custody, Frashure said.

After the man was taken into custody, the scene was turned over to homicide detectives, Frashure said. They couldn’t begin their investigation until the man was taken into custody.

Earlier, there had been multiple calls for a shooting inside the Colonial Square Apartment complex at 7:10 a.m., said Sgt. Jackie Davis, police spokeswoman. Officers found one man dead at the scene.

Police responded to 100 block of Virginia Lane off Oakwood Road to search for a gunman and asked people avoid the area.

As children from the apartment complex were leaving for school Monday morning, county police were surrounding the buildings with guns as they searched for the gunman.

Members of the Special Operations Response Team ran into a building just before 10 a.m. Three loud noises emanated from the building roughly 10 minutes after the team, which uses special weapons and tactics in violent settings, approached. Davis said the loud noises were sounds from police clearing out the building and knocking down doors.

Davron Hinton, who lives in Colonial Square Apartments, said he saw police at the apartment complex around 7:40 a.m. as he was leaving to walk his children to Woodside Elementary School. He said he hadn’t heard any gunshots.

At the nearby elementary school “they were all in a complete panic,” Hinton said. “Teachers were out on the sidewalk” trying to usher kids into the school just down the road.

Public schools spokesman Bob Mosier said no schools in the area were on lockdown Monday morning. Oakwood Elementary and Woodside Elementary, he said, were keeping children inside as a precaution. He said public schools were in contact with police all morning.

Police evacuated people who were in the complex all morning and took them to Granite Baptist Church, where there was food and space indoors for them.

Sharon Todd, whose mother, Helen Larkins, 83, was evacuated from the apartment complex, said her mother was rattled after seeing police officers right outside her window.

Hinton said there hadn’t been a shooting at the apartment complex in the four years he’d lived there. Cars get broken into somewhat frequently, he said, and when he gets home after getting off work at around midnight every day there are usually people loitering.