The gunshot wound suffered by a Virginia man while kayaking in Pasadena in April might have been self-inflicted, Maryland Natural Resources Police said Monday.

Police said the man shot himself at his home in Virginia last week and is hospitalized. Natural Resources Police investigators now believe his wound from April might have been self-inflicted.


David Seafolk-Kopp, 56, of Reston, Va., was treated at Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore after he was shot in April. Seafolk-Kopp was in a kayak in Main Creek off of Bodkin Creek on the night of April 12, and he told police he saw a red reflection on the water before he was shot.

Seafolk-Kopp suffered a flesh wound and was found on shore the next morning, police said.

Candy Thomson, a spokeswoman for the Natural Resources Police, said Seafolk-Kopp stopped cooperating with police after the April incident, even as investigators canvassed the neighborhood and used police dogs and divers to search the area for evidence.

"He was just done talking to us. He wouldn't return calls. He wouldn't answer any of our requests for information," Thomson said.

Tests for gunshot residue on Seafolk-Kopp came back positive, meaning he either fired a gun or was near a gun the night he was shot, Thomson said. The gunshot residue test enabled police to obtain a warrant to search Seafolk-Kopp's home in Reston and other places in Maryland he frequented, she said.

Thomson said Fairfax County police officers approached Seafolk-Kopp's home with a search warrant Thursday and heard gunshots inside. Officers found Seafolk-Kopp with injuries believed to be self-inflicted to the face and torso, she said. Seafolk-Kopp has had multiple surgeries and remains sedated at a Virginia hospital.

Natural Resources Police hope to interview him, Thomson said.

In the meantime, she said, police will test guns, bullets and other evidence taken from the Reston home. Thomson said police hope to locate the gun used in the April shooting, which involved a bullet from a .357, 9 mm or .38-caliber gun.

Initially, police said they were investigating whether Seafolk-Kopp had been hit by a stray bullet. Police didn't rule out a self-inflicted gunshot, but initially said they didn't think that was likely based on the angle and entry of the bullet.

"We're fairly confident now that we are closing in on the answer," Thomson said. "We're confident there is no other shooter."

Natural Resources Police are consulting with the Anne Arundel County state's attorney's office, she said.