President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI, AFPGetty Images)

An Annapolis man faces federal charges for allegedly threatening to kill President Obama and the First Family after authorities say he sent an email full of obscenities and racial attacks via the White House website.

Christopher Perkins O'Brien, 42, was federally charged Wednesday with making a threat against the president.


O'Brien was previously convicted of strangling to death Katherine Randolph White, a 32-year-old Maryland City archaeologist, in her Anne Arundel County home. She had invited him to live there after the two met during a stint in a substance abuse rehabilitation center, according to trial testimony.

He was sentenced in 2007 to 10 years in prison, with much of it suspended.

In the federal case, O'Brien allegedly sent the email to the president on Oct. 16.

"You stupid n——, between ISIS, homegrown terrorists/beheaders here in the USA, and now your inaction on EBOLA, do you want us all to f—— die?!?!," O'Brien wrote, according to charging documents. "I cannot wait to take out your worthless n—— ass, hope to reach out to slash Michele's throat... You?? I will make a point to behead you, then throw your head into the nearest body of water, as I drive off into Maryland."

A U.S. Secret Service agent called O'Brien on a phone number he included in the message, according to court papers filled out by agent Mark Gaskins. Then a pair of agents visited O'Brien at his home and read the email to him, Gaskins wrote. At first O'Brien said he could not recall making any threat, but then changed his story, according to Gaskins.

O'Brien admitted sending the email but then said he would never hurt the president or his family. O'Brien added he was too ill to carry out the threat, according to Gaskins.

"He also expressed regret in sending the email and stated that he was embarrassed," the agent wrote.

O'Brien appeared in court Thursday, according to records, and agreed to be detained. He was assigned a federal public defender, who declined to comment on Saturday. No one answered the phone number he included in the email threat or at another listed for him in Annapolis.

O'Brien's attorney in the previous case said at the time that White had overmedicated him, giving him three times a prescribed sedative. A subsequent argument led O'Brien to strangle her to death in the kitchen, according to testimony. In court, prosecutors said O'Brien continuing to live in the house, stepping over her body to watch television and eat.

White's body was found when her mother, concerned about not having heard from her, came to the home. He was arrested and ultimately convicted of manslaughter, which was amended to involuntary manslaughter in 2009.