Annapolis election write-in votes range from silly to serious

In an election where every vote mattered, 36 voters made a choice for Annapolis mayor other than incumbent Democrat Josh Cohen or Republican Mike Pantelides, who was victorious by a mere 59 votes.

Three dozen people wrote in all manner of other choices for mayor, ranging from serious to silly.


A dozen people wrote in votes for Bevin Buchheister, who ran against Cohen in the Democratic primary, though some had difficulty spelling her name correctly. There also was one vote for "BB," perhaps from someone who didn't even want to attempt spelling Buchheister's name.

There also were four write-in votes for mayor for Alderman Ross Arnett, a Democrat from Eastport.


One person wrote in "Anyone Else" for mayor. Another apparently ran out of room on the voting machine with "Anyone who doesn't stand on Forest D" -- possibly a reference to busy Forest Drive on the southern side of the city.

One person wanted the next mayor to be Carlester Smith, a beloved local man who is often seen walking along Annapolis streets, sometimes waving plastic bags.

Another voter wanted Michael R. Bloomberg, New York City's outgoing mayor, to have a go at running Annapolis.

In four Annapolis City Council wards were candidates were running unopposed -- Wards 3, 4, 5 and 8 -- there were more unusual write-ins than in wards with contested races.

In Ward 8, where Arnett ran for alderman unopposed, there were 103 write-in votes, the most of any ward. They included "a new person," "any Republican," "anyone but Ross," "please someone else" and "the other guy."

Sponge Bob Square Pants picked up two votes in Ward 8, while Bart Simpson had one supporter.

In other races for alderman, Mickey Mouse got two votes in Ward 4 and one vote in Ward 5, the Cowardly Lion got a vote in Ward 4 and Jesus got a vote in Ward 5.

Santa got two votes in Ward 3, though it's unclear if voters were picking the man at the North Pole or Frank Bradley, a former Republican mayoral candidate who portrays the jolly old elf at Christmastime. (For the record, Bradley lives in Ward 8.)


There were some serious write-ins for alderman, however. One Ward 1 write-in for alderman went to Buchheister and two went to Thomas McCarthy, who ran in the Democratic primary.

Other write-ins included past politicians (former Republican Alderman David Cordle, former Democratic Alderman Mathew Silverman) and current aldermen, but in different wards than the ones they represent.

For the record, the actual winners in the election were Mike Pantelides for mayor, Joe Budge in Ward 1, Fred Paone in Ward 2, Rhonda Pindell Charles in Ward 3, Sheila Finlayson in Ward 4, Jared Littmann in Ward 5, Kenneth Kirby in Ward 6, Ian Pfeiffer in Ward 7 and Ross Arnett in Ward 8. They'll be sworn into office on Dec. 2.