Anne Arundel County

‘I’m here for your soul’: Mobile Prayer RV offers free baptisms in Glen Burnie

Brother Charles Rideout stood in the parking lot of the Glen Burnie shopping center, gospel music blaring from a public address system.

“I’m not here for your money, I’m here for your soul,” Rideout exclaimed into a microphone in front of his Mobile Prayer RV, parked at The Centre at Glen Burnie.


Rideout began his mission three years ago on the eastern shore of Maryland. His wife had died in February 2019 and he was lost, thoughts of suicide creeping into his mind. Then he thought of how his wife wanted him to “straighten up.” He turned to the Bible and began preaching the gospel. With money left to his sister-in-law he was able to buy an RV at auction and his traveling ministry hit the road.

That road brings him “wherever the Lord takes me,” Rideout said. He travels around the state with his RV and towing a trailer that holds a large tub and water tank to perform baptisms free to anyone who asks. The idea came from a group of people he knew who wanted to be baptized but said a church charged $200 per person, which they could not afford.


While preaching in the Glen Burnie parking lot, a young man and his father walked up to Rideout. The man in his late 20s introduced himself as Adam and said he was in recovery and staying in a Glen Burnie sober living house. He and his dad, Chris, were out running errands and saw the RV. He had wanted to get baptized and was hoping Rideout would do it.

Rideout agreed. The three talked, sang and danced while waiting for the tub to fill.

Adam was given clothing he could wear for the baptism so his clothes could stay dry. Adam and Ridout read from a large Bible and then it was time to get into the water.

As Adam got into the tub he winced. The water, which is usually heated by propane burners, was chilly because Ridout hadn’t planned on performing the ritual that day. Still, Adam was determined and eased himself into the tub.

Brother Rideout crossed Adam’s arms, and leaned him back into the water, immersing his entire body and finally his head. Adam rose dripping wet, another step in his recovery was completed.

Brother Rideout said he will leave the parking lot to continue his journey to save souls when he feels the Lord telling him it is time to move on.