BOSS aims to aid single service members at Fort Meade

Participants show off their artwork during Paint Night at Club Meade April 20. It was one of many events offered by BOSS for Fort Meade’s single service members. The event had 20 participants.
Participants show off their artwork during Paint Night at Club Meade April 20. It was one of many events offered by BOSS for Fort Meade’s single service members. The event had 20 participants. (Handout/courtesy photo)

From indoor skydiving at iFly to volunteering, BOSS provides many opportunities for single service members to meet new people, build camaraderie and have some fun.

Last week, representatives of the organization — Better Opportunities for Single Service Members — met to discuss new ways to engage with Fort Meade’s single military population and promote their activities in the coming months.


In this Q&A interview, Spc. Tenekeyia McGaskey, Fort Meade’s BOSS president, discussed how the organization helps its fellow community members, recreationally and through community service.

What is BOSS’s mission and/or purpose?


I would say that BOSS gets people out of their barracks to get them involved in their community, connect them with other people and get them to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

It’s more than just recreational events—which is what we’re known for. It’s about providing community service, whether it’s feeding the homeless or having a Big Brother/Big Sister program at an elementary school.

BOSS gives us something to take away after we take off our uniforms. Members are able to take away different kinds of life skills they learn through the organization.

What is the process for organizing a BOSS event or activity?

It kind of varies. If it’s a recreational event, we’ll have a meeting where we’ll come up with different ideas for activities.

After we vote on ideas, I look up different locations that provide services, look up prices, call around and look up logistical information. After that, I’ll reach out to the person of contact and get everything solidified.

If someone wants to become active within BOSS, what would he/she have to do?

As far as being a representative, it’s not volunteer-based. For the most part, it’s an additional duty.

Representatives will come to an introduction meeting and go through orientation. Some people may drop by at a meeting, become interested and want to become a representative. From there, they can inquire about becoming more involved.

What are some upcoming BOSS events?

On Saturday, we have iFly Indoor Skydiving. (The event is sold-out.)

We have 14 spots left for the Virginia Beach trip, which is July 27-29.


We are having a zip lining and tubing event on Aug. 11.

Keg and cork volunteer opportunity on Aug. 18.

On Aug. 31, we’re having a Labor Day barbecue at Burba Lake Cottage.

What would you say to people who want to come out to BOSS events?

I would say that there is something for everybody at BOSS. This is a very diverse group, so we have people who really love to be involved in the community, and we have people who really like the recreation events.

You’ll come on a trip and go for one thing, and find out about another thing. You may end up finding out about volunteer events you want to do.

It’s a great chance to get out of the barracks and meet people. If you come to an event or meeting, you’ll probably find somebody that you have a lot in common with.

It’s a good outlet from the everyday “go, go, go” in the military. Sometimes you just want to relax with something you like.

There’s literally something for everybody. Keep an eye on the calendar and talk to your BOSS rep about what’s going on.

For more information and a complete schedule of events, visit meade.armymwr.com/programs/boss.

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