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Occupy Baltimore to protest G8 Summit in Thurmont

Members of the Occupy Baltimore movement will be protesting the G8 Summit at Camp David this weekend from the nearby town of Thurmont, according to group members.

From 8 a.m. to sundown Friday and Saturday, the group will protest the gathering of world leaders for what it perceives are failures to address critical issues in today's world, from climate change to food insecurity, according to a news release.

The group was first invited to the town by a local farmer who lives about five miles from downtown Thurmont and offered space on his farm for up to 30 of them to camp, said Beth Emmerling, a group member.

Emmerling said she and another member of the group met with the farmer and local police and talked with local business owners May 2, to reassure them they don't intend to cause trouble.

"We explained to them we're completely non-violent, we're very peaceful, we would have our signs, we would have our chants, and that we're not even planning on any civil disobedience," Emmerling said.

"Part of our goal here is to let people see that we're good people who want good things for everybody, that we're not looking to come in and cause trouble," she said.

Emmerling said the farmer hosting the group wants to remain anonymous.

The group is inviting others to join them in their protests.

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