Girl, 13, identifies attacker in Skateworks assault

A 13-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted in a Woodlawn roller skating rink in 2010 took the witness stand Tuesday in Baltimore County Circuit Court, pointing to Davon Perry as one of three males who took part in the attack.

The girl from Baltimore told the jury that Perry, whom she referred to as "the tall one," was in the dark storage room at Skateworks the night of Aug. 14, as were two others she described only as "the skinny one" and "the fat one." She broke into tears as she described how one by one, the three performed sex acts with her.


Perry, 26, who was living in Pikesville before his arrest, has been charged with several counts, including first-degree rape and first-degree sex offenses. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

His trial opened Tuesday with jury selection, opening statements, and two witnesses: the victim and her close friend, also from Baltimore, who was with her at Skateworks.

Perry's lawyer, Roland Brown, told the jury in his opening statement that DNA tests on the victim's clothing and her body after the assault produced evidence of DNA from two other people, but not Perry.

"Nothing was there from him, nothing," Brown said. "There was no trace evidence of him being there." He said prosecutors "won't meet their burden [of proof] beyond a reasonable doubt."

Both the girl and her friend, Imani Williams, 13, testified that they had been to Skateworks many times before and went that night for a dance. The Baltimore Sun does not identify victims of sexual crimes.

The girls testified that they did not know any of the three males charged in the case. According to the opening statement by Assistant State's Attorney Ian Wright, all three of the males worked occasionally at the roller rink, which closed shortly after the incident.

Kadeem R. Santiful, 19, pleaded guilty last spring to a second-degree sex offense and is scheduled to be sentenced this month. Tracey W. Hankins, who was 15 when he was arrested, initially was charged as an adult, but a detailed record of his case does not appear in court files. That can happen when cases are moved from the adult to the juvenile justice system.

Assistant State's Attorney Stephanie Porter, who is leading the prosecution, said in an interview Tuesday morning that she could only acknowledge that there are two defendants. Lawyers are not allowed to comment on juvenile matters.

The victim, who had just turned 12 when the assault occurred, testified that during the evening, "the skinny one," whom she had not talked to before, asked if she would have sex with him and that she refused. Later, she said, he grabbed her from behind by her shoulders and led her into a dark room with a soda machine that was used to store party supplies.

Under questioning from Porter and Judge Mickey J. Norman, the girl acknowledged that she did not cry for help, verbally refuse or resist the three males. She said she felt "intimidated," but did not say that any of the males threatened her. She said it was not the size of the males — two of whom are much bigger than she — that was intimidating.

"No, it wasn't the size," she said. "It was me being scared. I just didn't think I had a chance against any of them."