Ex-Md. man robbed banks while on supervised release for previous robberies

A former Glen Burnie man who went on an interstate bank-robbing spree last year was sentenced to more than 13 years in prison by a U.S. District Court on Monday.

Allen Densmore, 56, robbed the Severn Savings Bank on Crain Highway in Glen Burnie of $2,300 on Feb. 3, 2011, after providing the teller a demand note and a bag, federal prosecutors said. After fleeing Maryland in a stolen vehicle, Densmore went on to rob banks in Wisconsin, South Dakota and Iowa, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

He took $17,474 in all.

At the time of the robberies, Densmore was on supervised release after being convicted in federal court in 1997 for multiple bank robberies in Georgia and Florida.

Densmore was arrested in Minnesota last February after police suspected his car was stolen.