The manager of a Waverly farmers' market said that following a dog-biting incident adjacent to the popular Saturday event, his security detail would issue civilian citations to the owners of animals left unattended.

Marc Rey, who runs the 32nd Street Farmers Market, said that since a woman walking alongside the market in the 3200 block of Barclay Street was mauled Aug. 25 by a Rottweiler who broke from a leather leash attached to a parking meter, the owner of any unattended dog near the market could receive a ticket, or civil citation.

Following the incident, Rey said his organization posted a notice on its website: "We love your dogs but, as per Baltimore City health regulations, please keep them home." Dogs are not allowed within the market, but owners have tied them to nearby parking meters.

Last week Baltimore police issued a civil citation "for leaving a dangerous animal unattended" to Omar McBee, a resident of the 600 block of McKewn Ave. in Waverly. Animal Control officers also gave him a citation. The dog was later found to have had proper inoculations and was returned to the owner.

Police did not release the woman's name. She was treated for wounds to the arm and thigh at Union Memorial Hospital. Several vendors at Saturday's market reported seeing her again, a week after the attack, shopping at the market. They said her arm was wrapped in gauze.

"I couldn't go to sleep that night," said Cindy Umbarger, a Harford County resident and market vendor. "I'll never forget those screams."

Rey, the market master, said Saturday that six people with dogs had been warned of the no-dog policy Saturday but that no tickets were issued. Others had to be reminded that dogs were not allowed in the market.

"One woman tied a dog to a parking meter early in the morning and we warned her," Rey said. "She claimed she knew nothing about the policy."

Anna Moore, who sells baked goods for Atwater's Bakery and who is a professional dog walker, said she heard screams after the woman was attacked and was among those who restrained the Rottweiler, which police described as 125 pounds and two years old.

"I have the training and knew to put my finger inside his mouth and make him gag," she said, adding that she was unharmed. Several people also ran from the market's main aisle to the sidewalk at nearby Barclay Street where the attack occurred.

The market manager, Rey, described a "battle" to convince dog owners that they are not allowed to bring their pets inside the market.

"We explain the policy politely, but there are some people who say they have the right to bring their dog to any city property," Rey said. "In extreme cases, we have to show them the handcuffs."