Man critically injured in Upper Fells Point police-involved shooting

A man was in critical condition Friday after an officer shot him in the chest during an alleged burglary in the 400 block of S. Chester St. in Upper Fells Point, Baltimore police said.

The shooting occurred about 1 p.m. at a rowhouse near the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, which went on immediate lockdown.


"Officers were responding to the call when they confronted possibly two suspects," police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. "During that confrontation, one of the officers discharged her service weapon, striking the suspect in the chest."

The injured suspect was taken to a nearby hospital, police said. Several other people were taken into custody for questioning, Guglielmi said. None has been identified, and the investigation was continuing.

Yvonne Frentz was leaving the school with her 17-year-old son when they heard a gunshot.

"I thought maybe it was a firecracker," Frentz said. "He immediately recognized the sound and pulled me right back into the building."

Frentz said she was at the private school for a senior awards ceremony honoring her son and other students. Her son, whose name she declined to provide, has a full scholarship to Loyola University Maryland, where he plans to study engineering. He attended Cristo Rey for the past four years.

Frentz said the burglary and shooting were the first such incidents near the school that she was aware of.

"It's a fact of life now," she said. "People are in desperate times. Unfortunately, people are hurting, and sometimes they think it's OK to steal from someone else. When you make that choice, you put yourself at risk."

Mary Beth Lennon, Cristo Rey's communications director, said that after the students' safety had been verified, classes and activities continued as usual.

The school enrolls about 300 students, Lennon said. About 150 were at the school Friday afternoon; the others were at internships.

Ann-Louise Novak, who lives about half a block from the house where the incident took place, said the neighborhood is generally safe.

"This is a pretty decent neighborhood," Novak said. "I've been here my whole life. It's just not normal. The neighborhood has had its up and down, but I feel safe. I always say this is the kind of neighborhood where if you yell for help, you'll get it."