Here's a collection of what other media outlets — and people on Twitter — are saying about the conviction of George Huguely V for second-degree murder and grand larceny in the 2010 death of Cockeysville native Yeardley Love:

• Paul Woody of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch believes the impact of Love's death will never end.

The suffering in this incident knows no end.

Love's family never will talk, laugh or dream with her again.

Huguely is going to prison. And no matter the length of Huguely's sentence, attorney Rhonda Quagliana said, it will not bring Yeardley Love back to her family.

• A slideshow on the website for The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, Va.) shows family members, friends and attorneys exiting the courthouse Wednesday night.

• The Washington Post's Alexandra Petri discusses the lack of intervention from everyone around Huguely and Love before the fatal incident, including everyone in the college atmosphere around them.

If this had happened a year later, it would still have been a sensation. Two graduates of a "Prestigious Institution," from "Nice Families," one sporting a V on the end of his name, caught in a miserable tangle of alcohol and strong emotions. Two lives destroyed by an act of violence. It's an adult tragedy.

But it happened at college.

• ESPNW's Anna Katherine Clemmons wonders if the verdict will bring a sense of closure for everyone involved, including the University of Virginia and Charlottesville area.

But as the trial unfolded over the past two weeks, Charlottesville residents did not show up in droves. In fact, many have not wanted to comment publically about the case out of fear of perpetuating the belief that this single case could redefine the university's rich history.

The air in the city has recently seemed cautiously silent in the potential hope that closure was soon on its way.

• The Cavalier Daily, a fully independent student-run newspaper at the University of Virginia, talks about the effects of the crime, trial and verdict on the university.

No misplaced sense of vindication or cheap metaphors of "looking forward" or "back" will do justice to those charges the Huguely trial has leveled against our University. It is easy to agree with those outsiders who feign surprise at seeing abuse and smelling alcohol while touring modern campuses. They know and we know, this is still college, where physical and substance abuse goes on and things like this murder might happen.

But we also know things like this don't just happen. With ink-stained hands, using easy rhetoric about a permissive collegiate or hook-up "culture" sells books and column inches but remains disingenuous. Because taking responsibility starts on the rhetorical level, and if we continue to barter in such stereotypes about who Huguely was and what this University is, then we will always have these cut-outs to blame, and not individuals. There never seem to be any "murderers" among us, only us, and the main significance we can grasp from events such as these is how quickly the mundane becomes murder. The daily challenge lies in using our judgment to prevent this, without having to wait for a verdict.


@EP_Blake: #Huguely verdict disgusts me. 2nd degree murder and 26 years? #Yeardley and her loss of life deserved 1st degree murder and life in prison

@HeadNicInCharge: Murder your girlfriend and get 26 years. #somejusticesystem #Huguely

@kForce09: #Huguely disgusts me. Yeardley #oneLove

@matt_blair24: #Huguely thanks for making people look at college lacrosse differently... in a negative way. #rememberyardlylove

@imfocusedmanx: Considered going to law school to be a defense attorney, but I'm not sure I could stomach defending people like #Huguely

@TheHumectress: Is the #Huguely trial motivating any #colleges to stress to students the perils of domestic violence/importance of speaking up

@mark_nejmeh: #Lacrosse soiled again with the case of George #Huguely V , lets get this sport proactive against drugs and #domesticabuse, #mentalillness

@greg_emb: Regarding the #Huguely trial, I was pleased with the verdict, but thought the sentence was pretty light, especially for such a brutal murder


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