rain and a high temperature around 49 degrees. The low temperature is expected to be around 39 degrees with more rain tonight.





: A two-alarm fire caused serious damage to a motel in Elkridge on Monday night, closing U.S. 1 for hours and drawing fire units from surrounding counties.

: City traffic engineers are working on the final design for a $7 million traffic circle at the intersection of Key Highway and Light Street.

: On Christmas morning, an unidentified man called the restaurant and liquor store Wesley's in Elkton and asked for the winning Powerball numbers. When a clerk read the numbers over the phone, the mystery caller said, "Looks like I am the winner."

: A 24-year-old man who walked into the Laurel police station on Christmas Eve and confessed to a double murder on Long Island, according to police, is being held pending an extradition hearing as early as Tuesday.


: Created by then-Mayor Martin O'Malley six years ago, Baltimore City's Affordable Housing Program has spent three-fifths of its original budget so far -- most of it for tearing houses down, not putting them up.

: A Maryland financier who helped privatize the Seagirt Marine Terminal in 2009 is trying to sell Congress on an ambitious, $250 billion plan he says would modernize the nation's crumbling infrastructure while creating millions of jobs.

: Inspired at least in part by news reports about food tainted by pesticides, bacteria and even radiation, area residents are raising their own fish in order to gain more control over their food sources.

[Compiled by Dean Jones Jr.]