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'Resident Evil: Apocalypse'

'Resident Evil' (1994) Domestic box office: $40,119,709; ("Apocalypse" grossed $51,201,453 in 2004, "Extinction" made $50,648,679 in 2007, and "Afterlife" earned $60,128,566 in 2010.) Why the game succeeded: The cinematic quality and in-depth storytelling helped scare the heck out of game players in its original and sequel versions. The movie? Game on!: When a game is turned intol three films and a fourth is on the way, you know something went right. With Milla Jovovich and butt-kicking femmes such as Michelle Rodriguez and Ali Larter in supporting roles, the draw is there. The movie, though, is more action than suspense and horror, which is where the game succeeded initially and where the movie takes off.
Rolf Konow / Screen Gems
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