Swing Vote

Cool Factor 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor' An army of terracotta soldiers fights another army of skeleton warriors. Yeti beat up communists and Jet Li turns into a bunch of bizarre monsters. Meanwhile, the movie asks us to believe that Brendan Fraser and Maria Bello are both retirees and suddenly the proud parents of a 20-something year old son. Even though Fraser looks no older than he did in the last “Mummy” movie. Talk about taking a relaxed attitude toward the material! 'Swing Vote' If the Obama-Clinton 50 state primary battle didn’t burn you out on campaign commercials, this fall’s upcoming onslaught certainly will. Luckily, the filmmakers feel your pain and manage to work some satirical magic when the film’s fictional presidential candidates swap stances on the issues in a desperate attempt to gain everyman Bud Johnson’s vote. WINNER: Presidential elections may be important in the real world, but once you’re inside the cinema, nothing can hold a candle to terracotta armies of angry Chinese fighting undead armies of more dead Chinese. Plus: Yeti!
Frank Masi / Universal Pictures
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