Jim Newton


Jim Newton is editor at large of the Los Angeles Times and writes a weekly column for the Op-Ed page on the policy and politics of Southern California. 

Newton came to the Los Angeles Times in 1989, having previously worked as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and as a clerk at the New York Times, where he served as columnist James Reston's assistant from 1985-86. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the recipient of numerous local and national awards. He was part of the Los Angeles Times' coverage of the Los Angeles riots in 1992 and the earthquake of 1994, both of which were awarded Pulitzer Prizes to the staff. 

Newton also is the author of two critically acclaimed, best-selling biographies, "Justice for All: Earl Warren and the Nation He Made," and "Eisenhower: The White House Years."

Recent Articles

  • After chase Simpson said, 'Sorry'

    LOS ANGELES -- When it was all over, O. J. Simpson turned to each of the Los Angeles police officers who had talked him into giving up, and he calmly, quietly apologized. "I'm sorry for putting you guys out," said a drawn and haggard Mr. Simpson, who led police on a 60-mile pursuit Friday night...

  • Jackson's chauffeur gives deposition

    A chauffeur for Michael Jackson has said in a sworn deposition that the entertainer instructed him to take a suitcase and briefcase from Mr. Jackson's Los Angeles apartment on the same day that investigators searched the property for evidence of sexual molestation, sources close to the case said...

  • U.S. paid millions to witnesses in drug-agent killing Some recipients have criminal pasts

    The federal government has paid $2.7 million to witnesses - including some with serious criminal histories -- in its case against two Mexican nationals who are charged with participating in the 1985 torture-murder of Enrique Camarena, a U.S. drug agent, according to documents obtained by the Los...

  • Electronic tax filing gives rise to fraud

    LOS ANGELES -- Jerome Hearne used to rob people for a living, but sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s he turned to a more lucrative livelihood: robbing the U.S. Treasury. Hearne's adopted brand of crime was electronic tax fraud. He and a band of Los Angeles cohorts joined a fast-growing legion...

  • Cloudy future Cocaine charges could overshadow Marinovich's other troubles

    NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- Suspended USC quarterback Todd Marinovich was arrested on cocaine possession charges early yesterday morning, police said. According to Newport Beach police, Marinovich, 21, was one of four young men loudly cavorting through a neighborhood a few doors from his mother's home...