The Rolling Stones | 2006

Super Bowl XL - 2006 / The Team: Rolling Stones / The Playbook: It was a tumble of the dice taking on halftime in the wake of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake shocking football fans two years earlier with a so-called "wardrobe malfunction." Despite the NFL and ABC subjecting the legendary Rolling Stones to a five-second broadcast delay and censored lyrics, the band delivered a rousing rendition of three classics "Start Me Up", "Rough Justice", and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." Yet, no matter how hard Mick Jagger twisted his hips to rally the crowd, the most inspired aspect of the show was the Stones' iconic 'tongue and lip' stage design which saw a giant red, silk tongue roll back to reveal hundreds of cheering fans underneath. / The Result: Fumble. Subjecting aging rock n' roll legends to puritanical performance restrictions is equivalent to blocking a dead ball.
Rob Tringali / Getty Images
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