Texas A&M coach questions those critical of Johnny Manziel

Well, it looks as if Johnny Manziel will continue to do his talking on the field.

And think of how many more unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that could mean.

Texas A&M refused to make Manziel available for Tuesday's media conference, three days after Manziel was not made postgame available after the Aggies' win over Rice.

Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin said Manziel would be made available, he just didn't say when.

"It's not just my decision in what goes on with that," Sumlin said. "We feel like right now is not the time. Will there be a time? Sure there will be."

Manziel had quite a 2013 debut against Rice after sitting out the first half. He was very demonstrative on the field as he taunted his opponents with "air signatures" and "show me the money" finger rubs.

Sumlin, though, said Manziel did not brush him off after the quarterback was flagged for an unsportsmanlike penalty that led to his benching.

"For people to say 'You know what, he's not listening to his coach and there's no discipline on this team,' they're not around this football team," Sumlin said. "They're not around this program."

Several broadcasters and writers have been critical of Manziel's first-game behavior.

But why can't Johnny speak?

"I don't think right now that him coming here and saying a word is going to change some people's opinion about who he is," Sumlin said. "... It's my job as a coach to prepare him, and it's my job as a coach to keep his energy positive and try to channel that energy and emotion and make it positive. And at the appropriate time, he'll be able to speak for himself." 

Texas A&M hosts Sam Houston State this weekend in advance of a Sept. 14 showdown against Alabama in College Station.


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