Ducks' Cam Fowler: Sochi Olympics have been great so far

Hello, everyone!

I want to start by saying what an honor and a thrill to be in Sochi, it's a truly amazing experience. We flew in from Atlanta on Sunday and arrived Monday. The NHL did a great job of setting things up for us and our families. It was a different experience sharing a plane with all different players playing for their respective countries but it was great.

When we landed in Sochi we were greeted by some U.S. staff who helped us get organized. After that we took a bus to head over to the Olympic Village. Once we were there we went through a process of getting our accreditations so we could access everything in the village.

Once all that was taken care of I headed up to my room to get settled. The rooms are very nice, pretty simple with nice wood floors, two beds, and a TV that has coverage of most of the events going on during the Olympics. My roommate is Joe Pavelski, normally a rival of mine but a great guy and a fun roommate.

We've had a few practices so far to prepare for our first game. It's a bit of an adjustment getting used to the bigger ice surface but the practices have been great. There are so many great players and even just getting to practice with them is a thrill.

Time to rest up for our big game tomorrow against Slovakia.

I will write more later!

Talk to you soon,


Note: Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler, a member of the U.S. Olympic hockey team, will be blogging about his experience throughout the Games for The Times.


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