The 74th Golden Globe Awards take place Sunday, Jan. 8 with Jimmy Fallon taking on hosting duties. "La La Land," with seven nominations, "Moonlight," with six and "Manchester by the Sea," with five nominations are film frontrunners. In TV, the heart-warming "This is Us" series scored more nominations than bloody, crowd favorite "Game of Thrones." New TV was certainly the trend, "Atlanta," "Insecure," and "Westworld" all racked up nominations showcasing lots of talent and fresh creators.

The biggest surprise? Multiple nods for comic book underdog movie "Deadpool."

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In defense of Jonah Hill's Golden Globe nomination

 (Warner Bros. Pictures / Associated Press)
(Warner Bros. Pictures / Associated Press)

I'm seeing a lot of head-scratching about Jonah Hill's nomination for the comic drama "War Dogs." OK. Not a perfect movie. Maybe not even a good one. But Hill is an absolute force of nature in the film, playing a repellent arms dealer defined by self-hatred and a wheezing cackle of a laugh. It's one of the year's best turns.

Plus: Jonah Hill has a lot of fans. Tom Hanks recently told me: "Jonah Hill is probably the busiest actor on the planet. He was great in 'War Dogs.' I can never take my eyes off him. I think he’s absolutely amazing. And he can go back and forth between serious movies and funny movies, and he's always very, very real."

So there you go. HFPA voters aren't the only members of the Jonah Hill Booster Club. Now if they had just nominated Hanks for "Sully" instead of Viggo Mortensen for "Captain Fantastic," my morning would be even better.

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