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The biggest surprise? Multiple nods for comic book underdog movie "Deadpool."

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Jessica Chastain on Washington's boys club and how D.C.'s 'most notorious' lobbyist helped her prepare for 'Miss Sloane'

Jessica Chastain (Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times)
Jessica Chastain (Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times)

Jessica Chastain, nominated for a Golden Globe Monday morning for her role in "Miss Sloane," told The Times' Tre'vell Anderson that she considers the film an opportunity for Hollywood to shift attitudes about women.

“I've really been looking at the role women have in our society and we, for some reason, attack women for being prepared and ambitious,” Chastain said, noting criticisms Hillary Clinton received during the presidential campaign. “You hear that being said about actresses or musicians or people who really work hard at their profession that are women, but you don't say that about men. We need to change the perception of women, of what a woman is supposed to be.”

This film's very important for women to see, and for young girls to see, to know that they should take their space.

Jessica Chastain

In "Miss Sloane," Chastain plays a Washington lobbyist who is asked to represent a National Rifle Assn.-esque organization opposing a bill on gun control, but quits to support the backers of the law. 

Anderson asked Chastain about the research she did to tap into her character.

"Less than 10% of lobbyists in D.C. are women," she said. "Politics in D.C. can be very much a boys club. So, for me, it was important to meet with female lobbyists because I wanted to know what they go through day-to-day in that town, and in that political system, to get where they are. But first I read Jack Abramoff's book [“Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobbyist”] — the lobbyist that ended up in jail — because I wanted to understand even what a lobbyist was. Then I Googled and found all these lists of the most successful female lobbyists and just started calling their offices. I got 11 women to agree to meet with me."

"Miss Sloane" also makes broader statements about the climate of Washington. How does Chastain describe the film's message? 

"That the system is rotten, and it needs to be overhauled. Yes, we talk about the gun debate, but the whole movie ... could be about climate change, immigration, controversial subject, because it leads us to the system is broken. The priorities are in the wrong place."

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