Apple to begin taking orders for U.S.-made Mac Pro desktops Thursday

Apple is set to finally begin selling its new Mac Pro desktop after months of teasing the redesigned and American-built computer.

The Cupertino tech giant said it would start taking orders for the Mac Pro on Thursday, starting at $2,999 for a base quad-core Intel Xeon processor model and $3,999 for a six-core model, both with 256 GB of storage. Apple will also let users put in configured orders for eight- and 12-core models.

It's been three years since Apple has redesigned the Mac Pro, its line of high-end Mac computers that are geared toward professionals who require the most powerful specs. The new machines will be assembled in Austin, Texas.

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The new Mac Pro features a sleek redesign with a new aluminum black body that's less than 10-inches tall and much smaller than its predecessor -- its just one-eighth the volume of the last Mac Pro.

Apple has designed the 2013 Mac Pro with movie editing in mind. The machine can support up to three 4K Ultra HD video displays at once. It also comes with six Thunderbolt ports, giving the user the option to connect the Mac Pro to six Thunderbolt displays as well.

The company has been marketing the new machine to movie makers since announcing it in June with a movie trailerlike ad, seen above, and movielike posters


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