'Vampire Academy' coming to movie screens; see the trailer

Teenage vampires have sexy fun at boarding school when the minds behind "Heathers" and "Mean Girls" adapt the "Vampire Academy" series into a movie coming next year.

Brothers Daniel and Mark Waters -- Daniel is the writer of "Heathers, and Mark the director of "Mean Girls" -- are taking their teen-flick classic magic touch to the film adaptation of Richelle Mead's young adult series.

Judging from the peek at its first trailer, "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" could be a saucy, maybe even Buffy-like spin on what's been a self-serious age of mopey, brooding vampires. 

Mead's vampire world concerns the titular "Blood Sisters" of "Vampire Academy No. 1"; there are six books, which means if this film hits, there could be many sequels.

Rose (Zoey Deutch, the daughter of '80s teen queen and current "Switched at Birth" mom Lea Thompson), a half-human/half-vampire "dhampir," is training to be the bodyguard of the Moroi, mortal vampire royalty, the likes of which include her best friend Lissa.

And sometimes Lissa needs blood, and Rose's neck is there for the taking.

According to Mead, this world is inspired by Slavic folklore and mythology. "I did more research and I found the Romanian variants, which had two races of vampires. Your friendlier and nicer Moroi and the undead bloodsucking creatures of nightmare, that's Strigoi," she told Yahoo! Movies.

The cast for the film also includes "Modern Family's" Sarah Hyland, Gabriel Byrne and former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko.

It is scheduled to be released on Feb. 14.


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