Ledger's will leaves nothing to girlfriend or daughter

Heath Ledger's will leaves nothing to his former girlfriend and their 2-year-old daughter because it was never updated after they became part of his life.

A copy of the three-page will, filed in Manhattan Surrogate Court, shows the 28-year-old Australian actor left everything he owned to his parents and three sisters. Kim Ledger, the actor's father, has said the family would make sure the actor's former girlfriend, actress Michelle Williams, and that their 2-year-old daughter, Matilda Rose, would be provided for, according to published reports.

Ledger's will has already been offered for probate in Australia, according to an affidavit by his lawyer, Harvey E. Corn. The document, filed in 2003, offers no hint at the size of the estate.

Papers filed with the will list the "Brokeback Mountain" star's New York City belongings, valued at $145,000. That amount includes a $25,000 Toyota Prius, $20,000 in furniture and fixtures, and $100,000 in miscellaneous bank accounts.

Ledger's only outstanding debt was the February rent due on the Broome Street apartment where he died Jan. 22 of an accidental overdose of prescription medication.