What would Doogie eat? 16 recipes for your Oscar party

Cocktails, appetizers, desserts and more great recipes for your Oscar party

It’s Hollywood’s biggest night. How are you celebrating?

You may not be planning a walk down the red carpet, at least this year, but whether you’re hosting a formal Oscar party for friends or simply hoping to catch the festivities in your loungewear, you may want some creative inspiration. (Pizza delivery is so last year.)

From cocktails to classic party appetizers to Wes Anderson-inspired obscure European pastries (just kidding), we’ve got 16 loosely inspired recipes sure to make your evening memorable in a good way — even if the awards show isn’t.

It’ll probably be a long evening. We hope you’ve stocked the liquor cabinet. You might be inspired to raise a toast to one of Hollywood’s most classic films with the Emerald City cocktail (“The Wizard of Oz,” 1939): gin, Thai basil simple syrup and lime juice, shaken with ice.

And whether you’re slow-sipping or have gotten roped into any drinking games (drink every time Neil Patrick Harris breaks into song or John Travolta mispronounces a name?), a dry martini (“Skyfall,” 2012) is perfectly suited to the occasion: gin, vermouth, stirred not shaken.

Or go the bubbly route with a Champagne cocktail. The Starry Night (“Lust for Life,” 1956) is a simple concoction: just Champagne and absinthe.

For the food portion of the program, try assembling a plate of salsa-topped shrimp: poach shrimp and top with your favorite avocado salsa. If you’re not a seafood person, try deviled eggs: fill hard-boiled egg halves with a colorful tomato-caper-shallot filling.

After three hours of Mr. Harris singing and dancing — even in drag, even on a unicorn — you’ll probably need a sugar rush. Usher out the fourth hour with chocolate sparkle cookies, one of our favorites, a flourless cookie made with ground almonds.

Because you never know where Richard Linklater and his camera will be next.

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