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Greg Braxton


A lifelong Los Angeles resident, Greg Braxton has written for the Los Angeles Times for more than three decades. He currently is a staff writer covering television for the Calendar section, and has also written extensively about trends and cultural issues in the entertainment field.

Recent Articles

  • BET show too hot for advertisers

    HOLLYWOOD -- Today had been targeted as a red-letter day for BET executives. It's the day they had set aside to unveil an ambitious slate of series showcasing the cable network's move into more diverse programming aimed at a wide range of black viewers. Those plans are still set. But on the eve...

  • And she is telling you she's not going

    NEW YORK -- Jennifer Holliday stood on a small stage, pouring out a song of hope and battling the odds. Her gut-wrenching voice tore from her throat with volcanic force. The crowd in the narrow Ars Nova performance space in Manhattan sat entranced, then exploded into whooping cheers as Holliday...

  • Fall TV lacks diversity

    When it comes to new comedies on the four major broadcast networks, diversity does not seem to be a laughing matter. Although new and veteran dramas have casts heavily populated with minorities, none of the 11 new comedies premiering this fall on ABC, CBS, Fox or NBC features a starring minority....

  • For some, 'American Idol' opens doors to Broadway

    She was already a big star, adored by millions. But when it was announced that she would make her Broadway debut this spring, the anticipatory buzz went through the roof. Ads with her name splashed in large, bold type popped up all over New York City. A mad scramble for tickets erupted. Fans squealed...

  • 'Soul Plane' running into a bit of bumpy weather

    Comedy ignites debate among entertainment, cultural figures

  • If you're a celebrity on trial, they'll see you in court

    A new incarnation of Court TV rides a heady wave of high-profile cases

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