Glenn Whipp


Glenn Whipp covers film and television for the Los Angeles Times and serves as columnist for The Envelope, the Times’ awards season publication.

Recent Articles

  • Paranormal thriller pushes the limits with its illogical plot

    The painfully inscrutable paranormal thriller Push introduces us to a host of characters with various gifts - some can see the future, some can heal, some can plant ideas, some can make change for a dollar. By the time the credits roll, your most fervent wish is to run into a "wiper" (one who can...

  • Facing the horror (again) of a flawed, uninviting remake

    The Uninvited offers ironclad proof that Hollywood should give up the ghost already when it comes to remaking Asian horror movies. But really, how many ticket buyers in The Uninvited's targeted teen demographic know - or care - that it can't hold a flickering candle to the South Korean original,...

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