David Wharton


David Wharton is a feature sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times. His work has won the Associated Press Sports Editors award for enterprise reporting and has been selected for the prestigious “Best American Sports Writing.” He has written for magazines such as Surfer and Men’s Fitness, and is the author of two nonfiction books, “Conquest” and “Yesterday & Today.”

Recent Articles

  • Jones wants to argue case in public

    Champion sprinter calls USADA's deliberations 'secret kangaroo court'

  • Jones' ex-husband might testify against her

    She wants U.S. to release her grand jury testimony

  • U.S. managing to spare cultural sites, officials say

    As war shifts to streets of Baghdad, risk of harm to landmarks may rise

  • So long, Crazy Legs

    LOS ANGELES -- The early days of Chick Hearn at the microphone were also the days of Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain and Jerry West, otherwise known as "Mr. Clutch." Mr. Hearn's career as the Los Angeles Lakers' announcer progressed through Magic and Silk. It was no surprise when, after watching forward...

  • Agassi is taking traditional starch out of tennis togs

    Last fall, as Armani premiered its collection of sporting pants and sweaters in Milan, Andre Agassi offered a glimpse of his own impending make-over. His shirt and hat were printed with rude phrases slamming tennis. Once Nike made the outfit available in stores, he quit wearing it. Mr. Agassi refuses...

  • The toy that let boys like dolls, GI Joe, turns 30

    "GI Joe . . . GI Joe . . . Fighting man from head to toe." -- from a 1960s advertising jingle Maybe it was the uniform. Maybe it was the tiny M-1 carbine he carried. Or the battle scar across his polyvinyl cheek. "When we were kids, we really got off on that stuff," recalls Vincent Santelmo, 33,...

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