Daily horoscope for November 18, 2022

General Daily Insight for November 18, 2022

We can trust in the basic stability of our recent commitments, but some details possibly remain shaky. When the neurotic Virgo Moon opposes nebulous Neptune, the information we want might not be readily available -- and, with Luna also goading impatient Mars, we're probably not happy about that! Fortunately, as the potent Scorpio Sun supports deep-rooted Pluto at 4:38 pm EST, the big picture should be reasonably solid. The Moon then nods to Pluto, helping us accept that we're on the right track.

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March 21-April 19

A significant collaboration could be adding obvious benefit to your life at this time. Even so, you may wonder whether or not shared power is creating fairly shared responsibility. If you feel like too much of the grunt work is falling on your shoulders, you probably need to talk through who does what with the other person. Although this conversation might be uncomfortable, it's likely necessary to keep the dynamic sustainable. Avoid the temptation to dwell on your suffering -- just seek balance going forward.



April 20-May 20

Knowing someone important to you is on your side could be especially reassuring now. In a close relationship, being on the same page about political or spiritual beliefs will probably make things easier. When you have this sense of security, maybe you'll be less interested in unproductive doom-scrolling on social media -- where a sense that it's impossible to dent the enormity of the world's problems might lead you to spiral. Practical action, no matter how small, with a committed collaborator is your best bet.


May 21-June 20

Your hard work can impress others and encourage them to collaborate with you at present. On the other hand, you can still be tempted to stray from a task at hand and risk wandering into conflict. It might sound simple to step into a perceived power vacuum, as you're probably passionate about getting the job done and incredulous that others don't seem to be as committed as you are. The top may not be as empty as it looks, so stay in your lane.


June 21-July 22

Trusting in the support of someone close to you can currently help you express yourself with freedom. That said, you'll still have to come up with the specific words yourself. Although you might not know where to start addressing a difficult topic, stepping back and approaching the situation in a broader, more abstract way can at least get you talking. Once you're able to grasp the spiritual or philosophical big picture, filling in the details -- even the uncomfortable ones -- should become easier.


July 23-August 22

A major cleanout at home could be fruitful today. While you're likely willing to put in the requisite physical work to make your space comfortable, a financial interest may also be motivating your efforts. You're probably capable of selling some unwanted stuff online to raise money. Be careful -- in your haste to get more breathing room, you run the risk of getting into troublesome situations where the ownership of an item is contested or unclear. Only offload things that are definitely yours!



August 23-September 22

Your words are more powerful than ever, Virgo -- but that doesn't mean they're more thoughtful than ever. If there are some tricky dynamics in a close relationship of yours, you could easily just fan the flames of drama higher and higher. Perhaps you feel justified because it seems like there's no way for you to get your needs met aside from taking charge. Evaluating yourself objectively can help you clearly articulate what you need from others and what you can do on your own.


September 23-October 22

Spending money to improve your home or family situation probably seems to make sense. Be sure to ask yourself what you're really working toward. You may have told yourself an elaborate story about your goals that conveniently leaves out your hidden motives. While you might believe you're doing someone else a favor by wading into an area that's not normally your responsibility, perhaps you're also secretly drawn to the prospect of quietly increasing your influence. Be honest with yourself before you get invested.


October 23-November 21

A big story is probably burning a hole in you today. While the Sun in your sign vibes with powerful Pluto in your 3rd House of Communication, you know who you are and you're ready to tell people about it! Your determination regarding digging into the most intense parts of your life without restraint may not extend to others -- it's possible some of your peers are in a more sensitive place at the moment. Be judicious regarding who's equipped to hear you out.



November 22-December 21

Controlling a money matter behind the scenes could sound immensely enticing to you. It might seem like a good way to defend yourself against someone who uses manipulation to shut you down at every turn. However, escalating whatever conflict is going on has the potential to backfire on you. You're likely also seeing the situation as more urgent than it is. If you aren't legitimately compelled to take action immediately, quietly waiting until things settle down may be a better plan.


December 22-January 19

Stable support from current pals means a lot. As the Sun in your social sector supports grounded Pluto in your sign, they've probably been with you through many changes over time. Opening a conversation with them about your past and future may be challenging, especially if you're used to letting things go without saying. The answers to some of your questions might not be available yet. Instead of arguing over details, try to have faith that you'll eventually work it out together.


January 20-February 18

Exercising your sensitivity to hidden power dynamics can help you professionally. You likely know by now that the chain of command in reality doesn't always function in the way it's supposed to, whether you work for a big company or for yourself. A financial situation also might not be exactly as described, so you should probably dig a little deeper before you make any formal commitments. Don't let people manipulate you into an arrangement that's not in your best interest.



February 19-March 20

Developing a fulfilling intellectual connection with your friends is possible. Taking things to a more philosophical level than usual can reduce the pressure of any emotional dynamics that have recently become oddly confusing. You may be able to reach transformative insights as a team. That said, attempting to force a convenient explanation that's not quite the right fit onto your problem could only increase your frustration further. Do your best to accept that the understanding you seek will come when you're ready for it.

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