Daily horoscope for September 22, 2020

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General Daily Insight for September 22, 2020

Autumn starts off on a lovely, harmonious note as the Sun moves into tranquil Libra at 9:31 am EDT, marking the Fall Equinox. Shortly after, the gentle Moon trines darling Venus, helping us feel appreciated, generous, loved, and loving today. Our interactions with others are pleasant and mutually beneficial; we are inclined to react with warmth and people can sense our sincerity of feeling. We have extra powers of persuasion now, not because we are any more convincing, but simply because people like us more!



March 21-April 19

You are truly in the mood for one thing and one thing only today: a good time! Your high spirits are contagious as you engage with people in ways that convey true interest in their unique perspective. People feel appreciated and nurtured by you and, because you, yourself, are so open and expressive, you bring this out in others as well. You will become more conscious of how you operate within relationships and uncover more about who you are through the vehicle of one-to-one connection.



April 20-May 20

Today you are striving to make every action as to-the-point as possible. You are primarily concerned with managing your duties and responsibilities, which will require you to postpone immediate gratification. This may prove easy for you, however, because even if you are facing a mountain of chores, you feel serenely balanced in your emotional life. A turbulent issue that might’ve upset you on other days may resolve easily today in a way that surprises and delights you.


May 21-June 20

You are especially uninhibited in your self-expression today, throwing caution to the wind and simply being who you really are. This is likely to put you in a sunny mood and help you see the world through rose-colored glasses. You can strike mutually beneficial solutions now without even having to try. Partnerships, collaborative ventures, and deep discussions will not only be productive but also very fun. In fact, whether you are relaxing or working today, you will find a way to celebrate!


June 21-July 22

You are taking great care of yourself today and should find it easy to put aside momentary impulses and desires when your health and well-being require it. You are in touch with a sense of self-love and take pleasure in showering yourself with care and appreciation. You feel your own worth and value as an employee, and now your attention turns toward your home -- a Cancer’s natural habitat -- where your focus will remain for the next few weeks.


July 23-August 22

If you need to make a persuasive case in order to win over someone’s favor -- including a judge, prospective client, spouse, family member, or investor -- your charisma and charm are at record highs now! Not only are you kind and friendly, but you can also back up everything that you’re saying with solid, trustworthy facts. You even appear more attractive physically! Just be careful that you don’t get so swept up in the charming mood that you let others take advantage of your kindly nature.


August 23-September 22

While you may be in a more introverted mood today, no one will mistake this for sadness. You have a quiet contentment about your life now and find your fun and excitement in places of stillness and quiet. Ordinarily, you have the tendency to anxiously fret over the little details, but today you are filled with peace that wells up from a very deep place. Use this time to reflect upon what makes you feel the most valuable and worthy.


September 23-October 22

Friends and group situations are an uplifting source of fun today, and you could not keep people from adoring you if you tried! Libras are always wizards when it comes to pulling together alliances or creating dazzling social events, but today, you have success at this even without trying. You are especially charming now, not because you are keenly swindling anyone, but because your honesty and genuineness are apparent on the surface. Others can sense your warmth and well wishes toward all.



October 23-November 21

You are especially attractive to clients, prospective business partners, colleagues, and authority figures at work today, because you are powerfully in touch with the awareness of your value. People treat us how we treat ourselves and, today, you naturally radiate an aura of self-respect which cannot be argued with. You lead with such grace and charm that people may not even sense that you are leading them. It is fun to work for and with you, and you are a magnet because of it.


November 22-December 21

No one loves an adventure like you, Sagittarius, whether it be the outer adventure of travel or the inner adventure of higher learning. Whichever of those journeys you are on currently, today you are utterly bedazzled by what you are uncovering and are eager to reflect your delight to everyone you encounter. You are more open and receptive to ideas that you might ordinarily question, and more accepting and tolerant of people in general. You help others open up in the same way, paving the way to easier understanding.


December 22-January 19

You have a newly refreshed sense of focus upon your career, kicking off this new season with typical Capricornian ambition and dutifulness. Today, you might be feeling somewhat withdrawn as you integrate a powerful emotional experience; intimate partners can help to soothe you out of your shell. At the same time, you may have sudden good fortune financially, as a one-time windfall of cash falls into your lap from something like a refund, court settlement, commission, or inheritance.


January 20-February 18

Friends, close partners, and teamwork will help you reconnect with your sense of joy and fun today. You are nurturing and supportive of your friends as they pursue their hopes and dreams, and you receive the same encouragement from them in return. As you move into a new season, your attention turns to higher learning and new courses of study. You are discovering who you are by learning new perspectives and you're broadening your horizons to test the limits of what you understand to be the truth.


February 19-March 20

The cheerful attitude that you bring to even the most mundane tasks today helps endear you to higher-ups at your workplace. You are learning that the most effective way to lead is to help create a pleasant, fun working atmosphere -- people tend to deliver their best work when they actually like what they are doing. As the equinox turns summer to fall today, you may be saying goodbye to an old life and inviting in the new and unknown. Even if it is daunting, embrace rebirth.

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