Daily horoscope for September 7, 2022

General Daily Insight for September 7, 2022

Today will probably require some discomfort to obtain stable foundations. We don't have to follow the normal path as the Moon moves through free-thinking Aquarius. Plus, we won't be prone to doing so when she sextiles expansive Jupiter, then turns around to make two lovely trines, one to clever Mercury and one to energetic Mars. That said, these energies could be overpowered by the primal Sun forming a quincunx to wounded-healer Chiron at 9:39 pm EDT, exposing old wounds and allowing them to finally heal.

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March 21-April 19

Your usual routine might be more than you care to handle on a day like this. The Sun is illuminating your 6th House of Wellness, encouraging you to upgrade your daily life, but that takes on an uncomfortable energy when the Sun forms a strange angle to Chiron in your sign. Perhaps all these efforts at self-improvement leave you feeling like you're not up to snuff, or like you're going to get left behind if you don't push harder. Be gentle with yourself!



April 20-May 20

Life can currently feel like a dream, but it won't necessarily be a pleasant dream all day. Enjoying yourself might be your top priority as the Sun dances through your fun-loving 5th house, but your pleasure cruise could enter uncharted waters when the Sun runs into wounded Chiron in your subconscious sector. Something you forgot about, perhaps an old ache or chip on your shoulder, could rear its head when least expected. Don't let it throw you off your charted course!


May 21-June 20

Socializing could present something of a dilemma for you today, Gemini. Even if you're normally quite happy to get together with your friends and hit the town, an uneasy quincunx between the Sun in your emotional 4th house and Chiron in your outgoing 11th house might drain your energy. If you're too tapped out from everything to group up, remind yourself it's perfectly fine to take time for your own needs. Your friends will understand that even you need time to relax and rejuvenate.


June 21-July 22

Don't be shocked if your goals get rather muddled at present. You could be bouncing from one thing to the next with the Sun in your busy 3rd house, but you're probably going to have to reorient when it connects to Chiron in your career sector. It may seem like no matter how much you accomplish here and now, it's not enough for the future. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and that life is a marathon, not a race. You've got this!


July 23-August 22

Being your most grounded self could put a damper on your natural enthusiasm currently. No matter how prepared you are to focus and make your effort count as the Sun moves through your income sector, your concentration will probably take a hit when the Sun misunderstands Chiron in your adventure zone. Life might seem like all work and no play under such an angle, but it should be temporary. There are horizons for you to explore -- but they may have to wait till tomorrow.



August 23-September 22

There are some rather intense matters up for inspection at this time. Focusing on yourself is very fair as the Sun glides through your sign, but a complicated solar alignment with Chiron in your sector of shared resources and intense bonds could force you to listen to others. Working in tandem with people is vital for long-term success. If your attention obviously isn't fairly distributed between your desires and your loved ones, that could do some damage to your relationships.


September 23-October 22

It's not your imagination if things seem a little off today. Your life may seem quieter than usual as the Sun slips through your sleepy 12th house, but things might get shaken up when the Sun connects to Chiron in your cooperative 7th house. Something could come to light between you and a certain person that requires your attention, and it will likely come out of the blue. On the other hand, you might decide it's time to wrap up a partnership and move on.


October 23-November 21

You've got so much to look forward to at the moment, provided your responsibilities don't get in the way. Friends may call your name as the energetic Sun bounds through your 11th House of Socializing and Connections. However, the Sun will end up having to agree to disagree with focused Chiron in your work-related 6th house, reminding you of any remaining tasks you must tend to. Try to get them out of the way early on so you can go have fun without worry.



November 22-December 21

Putting in a lot of effort in one area could leave you feeling like you're missing out on all the excitement elsewhere at present. You're ready to aim high as the Sun marches through your enterprising 10th house, but that may not be quite as fulfilling when the Sun aligns with Chiron in your exciting 5th house, reminding you that life shouldn't be all work. If you have no time for any hobbies today, make sure you find some soon, so you don't burn out.


December 22-January 19

Going as far as possible could sound wonderful -- right up until something pulls you back to your homestead. The Sun is flying through your 9th House of Travel, showing you how big the world really is. That energy takes a hit when the Sun has an uncomfortable encounter with Chiron in your home sector, bringing up issues you'd probably prefer to leave for another day. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll need to tend to them before you fly off to any new horizon.


January 20-February 18

Are you going to show your hand or keep your cards close to your chest? You're probably prepared to maintain an air of privacy as the Sun slinks through your intimate 8th house, but your secrets could get exposed when the Sun trips over Chiron in your social 3rd house. People could come knocking regardless of whether or not you want to answer the door, so be sure to hang up a do not disturb sign unless you're willing to show yourself.



February 19-March 20

A sense of lack could hang over your day, even if it isn't based in current reality. The Sun is shining in your 7th House of Collaboration, giving you a hand so you can bring your best self to the table, but that takes a hit when the Sun stumbles into wounded Chiron in your income sector. This could leave you scrambling to meet someone else's needs, perhaps even bending over backward to accommodate them. Don't offer more than you can give.

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