Daily horoscope for January 11, 2021

General Daily Insight for January 11, 2021

Our productivity is high and we are eager to expand what we know today. The Moon enters efficient Capricorn at 8:30 am EST, turning our attention toward achievements and accomplishments. But things won’t be all business, because the Moon moves on to an alignment with pleasure-loving Venus in the afternoon, inviting us to kick back and have fun. Meanwhile, as messenger Mercury meets up with expansive Jupiter, thinking outside the box can bring us to heights we never before imagined.

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March 21-April 19

You can progress by leaps and bounds on the professional front today, so if you’ve been encountering roadblocks, have faith that those will soon begin to disappear. A VIP or other superior could finally take notice of all the hard work you’ve been doing; even if you haven’t exactly been chipping away at any major project, it wouldn’t be surprising if you still find a moment to shine in the spotlight. Therefore, take some extra time with your appearance before you go anywhere!



April 20-May 20

Although your sign isn’t known for being very competitive or ruffling a lot of feathers, every once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt to blow your own horn and make people aware of just how capable you are. That isn’t to say you should make an unnecessary fuss, but if you have been hanging out on the sidelines, not drawing any attention to yourself or your accomplishments, this is a good time to finally step out and show people what you've got.


May 21-June 20

You’ve always had a lot to say and, while not everything that comes out of your mouth is exactly profound or needs to be underlined, you can indeed come up with some real gems when you put your mind to it. Take the day to mine your mind and think about how far you’ve come over the last year and how much you have developed. Chances are, there’s a revelation or two waiting for you just on the other side of self-reflection.


June 21-July 22

You could receive a major windfall if you play your cards right today. This sounds like a fairy tale or simple fantasy, but actually, it looks as though something you have been waiting on for a very long time could finally pay off -- something you are going to enjoy very, very much. If you’ve been putting in your effort, then you have nothing to fear and everything to hope for. Go forth and manifest a miracle; it’s your time.


July 23-August 22

You're no stranger to being at the top thanks to your competitive spirit. But while being first in everything is fine for a while, if you’re all alone up there, what is the point? Today, you ought to focus on the important people in your life and remind them of just how much they mean to you. If, however, you feel there aren’t that many special people in your life, then start looking, because someone could easily appear on the horizon now.



August 23-September 22

If you've been thrown off your usual habits and routines as of late, no one could really blame you. After all, the holidays are a time when people generally let themselves off the hook; however, Virgos aren’t really prone to letting themselves off the hook, and certainly not easily, either. If you feel like you’ve been slacking, now is a great time to set some intentions and get back in shape, whatever that means to you. Hop to it!


September 23-October 22

Life has been rather intense lately, and during the holidays you probably had to make things about everyone else and not yourself. Today, though, you have cosmic license to do as you please, so make some noise and draw a little attention to yourself. Creative pursuits will be incredibly fulfilling, as expressing yourself is paramount right now. Go on and show the world all the incredible talent you’ve got; this isn’t the time to hide your light.


October 23-November 21

Things could feel a little hectic around the house today, so if you need to find a moment to slip away, then do so without feeling any sense of guilt. Life is about balance and compromise, and while you know it’s important to be fair and understanding, that doesn’t mean it is always easy. Bow out from any difficult conversations you don’t want to engage in and just focus on yourself and your needs for now. You can get back to people tomorrow.



November 22-December 21

It’s not often that the planets come together in such a way as to recommend you do some shopping; especially now, in light of the recent holidays. Today, however, it looks as though you could come across a really terrific deal online if you take the time to do some browsing; it's entirely possible you will find something you’ve always wanted for a majorly discounted price. Smart spending rather than splurging is the way to financial security.


December 22-January 19

There's much more that you do with your money than just spend it or save it. You may also invest it, donate it, or hide it under your mattress, but no matter what you choose, it isn’t a fixed entity that you have no control over -- it can grow or deplete depending on how responsible and inventive you are. Everyone knows how responsible a Capricorn can be, so now, go on and show them how inventive you can also be.


January 20-February 18

Things might feel a little bit fantastical to you today. While you tend to prefer to deal with the here and now, the concrete and factual, right now you're encouraged to move into the slow lane and coast along, looking at all the pretty colors. Spend some time listening to music or drawing or just letting yourself dance in your bedroom with no one watching; letting loose a little will be good for your mission in the long run.



February 19-March 20

You have so much to gain from your relationships with others. While you shouldn’t size up people you know based on how much they can give you, right now, if you look at people with a slightly more perceptive eye, you can start to see just how much they truly enrich your life. At the same time, you may realize there are some people who truly do not enrich your life. It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff and leave behind that which no longer serves you.

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