Roses are a popular choice for Valentine's Day flowers. But do you know what each color symbolizes?
Roses are a popular choice for Valentine's Day flowers. But do you know what each color symbolizes? (Susan Stocker / Sun Sentinel)

Did you know that flowers are the universal language of love? Ever since cupid shot his first arrow into a love-shy maiden, both men and women have given flowers to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Flowers come in many colors, shapes and fragrances. When purchasing flowers you should keep in mind the favorite color or fragrance of the recipient. Any arrangement of flowers that coincides with a hobby and the favorites of the recipient is the best choice.


Flowers are expressive objects. They are able to reflect different personality trails. For a person who is the outdoors type, you may want to send flowers with wood accents. For the romantic folks, soft color floral arrangements would be the best. For the trendy type, an arrangement with large and vibrant colored flowers is the best choice.

When sending flowers to a man you need to think differently since their choices would be far apart from a woman’s. Vivid colors that are yellow and orange fascinate men.

In a poll that asked women what Valentine’s Day flowers they really want, the clear choice was still the classic rose. But women wanted roses in colors other than the traditional red, such as peach, yellow and lavender. A little research on this subject revealed the red rose conveyed the message “I love you”; the white rose “I am the one for you”; the pink rose, “thank you”; the yellow rose, “I care about you”; the yellow rose with a red tip, “I am falling in love with you”; the orange coral, “I want you in my life”; and "we are a great match,” the peach rose.

While on the subject of roses, why not mention the most popular song lyrics about roses. Of course, of the multiple songs, ranked No. 1 is “La Vie en Rose.” Other familiar popular songs are “Red Roses for a Blue Lady”, “Rose Garden”, “Give My Love to Rose”, “Ramblin Rose”, “Yellow Rose of Texas”, “Second Hand Rose”. “Last Rose of Summer”, “Roses Are Red” and a multitude of other song titles.

Here are some tips on taking care of gift roses. Remove the roses from the packaging immediately and place in tepid water. Remove the leaves that will fall below the waterline when placed in a vase. To extend the life of roses, use a sharp knife or shears to cut about 1 inch at a 45-degree angle from the bottom of the stem while immersed in running water. Keep the vase in a cool place. You may want to add a pinch of sugar. Most important from my personal experience is changing the water daily. If you do this daily ritual of replacing the water, you may get up to two more weeks of continuous blooms.

On St. Valentine’s Day, you may want to consider flowers, since they are the best medium to say “I love you.” “Love is like a rose; when pressed between two lifetimes, it will last forever.”

Stan Davidson is a Palm Beach County Master Gardener who lives in Boynton Beach.