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Medical Marijuana

How much in taxes could Maryland make off legal weed? It’s hard to say.

If Maryland decides to legalize marijuana, and that’s a big if, officials may have a difficult time figuring out how much money the state would bring in from taxing the drug.

Proposed cannabis lounge in Fells Point spurs support and concern

The idea that a cannabis lounge may be making its way into Fells Point has spurred controversy and sparked questions about state cannabis laws.

‘Extremely convenient’: First medical cannabis dispensary in Carroll County opens in Westminster

The long-awaited first day for Westminster’s Herbology was marked with a ribbon-cutting Monday.

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy to offer medical cannabis education

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy will offer the nation's first graduate degree in cannabis, reversing a previous decision to drop such training.

Most Americans don't think it's a problem to drive high. Here's why it is.

Effects from marijuana can be experienced anywhere between one and four hours. Those under the influence of the drug are twice as likely to be in a crash.

Maryland task force begins work on potential legalization of marijuana

A Maryland General Assembly task force began its work on studying possible legalization of cannabis for adult use.

Maryland cannabis regulators warn of lead contamination risk as they expand tests for heavy metals

Medical cannabis regulators in Maryland are expanding testing for heavy metals in marijuana products as they warn about the risk for lead contamination.

Maryland cannabis regulators warn of lead contamination risk as they expand tests for heavy metals

Medical cannabis regulators in Maryland are expanding testing for heavy metals in marijuana products as they warn about the risk for lead contamination.

Maryland medical cannabis regulators extend application period as errors mar process aimed at diversification

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is offering a 14-day extension for companies that want to apply new growing and processing licenses.

When are cookies or brownies not 'food'? When they've got marijuana in them, Maryland regulators say

Maryland's Medical Cannabis Commission is starting to draft  the rules to govern the sale and use of marijuana edibles such as cookies and brownies.

As cannabis market booms, Baltimore pet owners indulge dogs, cats with CBD-infused 'treats'

CBD distributors have began marketing a variety of wellness products and infused treats for pets. But animal experts aren't yet sold on its merit.

Medical cannabis patients, dispensers, get educated at community forum in Harford

Connor Sheffield has, in the several months since he began using cannabis oil to treat his gastrointestinal dysmotility disorder, stopped having to use his feeding tube, gained 10 to 20 pounds and been able to go to school on a regular basis.

University of Maryland, Baltimore looking to create graduate program in marijuana

The University of Maryland Graduate School is hoping to create a new program for Cannabis Science and Therapeutics beginning in fall 2019.

Baltimore County doctor faces off against Big Cannabis to recoup stake in Maryland medical marijuana firm

A Baltimore County doctor who helped start a national medical cannabis company’s Maryland operation is fighting the Minnesota-based firm to reclaim an ownership stake he says was stolen from him before the corporation raised $50 million on a Canadian stock market.

Business that calls itself Baltimore's first hemp dispensary opens in Upper Fells Point

Charmed Hemp, which says it is Baltimore's first hemp dispensary, opened on 4/20.

Maryland cannabis regulators tell dispensaries they need to open by Sept. 30 or else

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission threatened to shut down pre-approved marijuana companies that do not obtain their licenses or start their operations by Sept. 30.

Maryland Rep. Andy Harris has become 'Public Enemy No. 1' for marijuana activists. How did it get so personal?

Maryland Rep. Andy Harris has been confronted by marijuana activists angry that he has used his influence in Congress to hinder marijuana use in Washington, D.C., where its recreational use is legal.

How will Maryland halt Big Cannabis from taking over state industry? Let firms own more, not fewer, stores.

State legislators hoping to find a way to stop large, multi-state firms from taking control of the state’s medical cannabis industry realized couldn’t turn back the clock without getting the state sued, so they acted instead to draw a line limiting further consolidation.

Amid backlash, Baltimore County cannabis firm drops lawsuit trying to halt Maryland from awarding new licenses

The Baltimore County medical cannabis growing company on Monday sued Maryland regulators to stop them awarding licenses to four new competitors withdrew the lawsuit Friday amid a torrent of backlash accusing the politically-connected firm of trying to derail an attempt to diversify the industry.

Baltimore County cannabis grower sues to stop Maryland from awarding new licenses that could improve diversity

A Baltimore County company that is licensed by the state to grow and sell medical cannabis is attempting to stop the Maryland commission that regulates the industry from awarding four new licenses to potential competitors.

Map: Medical marijuana dispensaries open in Maryland

This map shows you how to find Maryland's open medical marijuana dispensaries.

FAQ: What you need to know about medical marijuana in Maryland

Medical marijuana is now available in Maryland. Here's everything you need to know about it.