Reader health tip: Clean up while you firm up

March is here. That means you have 305 days left to follow through on your 2013 health and fitness resolutions.

We're trying to stick to our health and fitness goals by taking small, simple steps toward ditching empty calories and finding ways to keep exercise fun. (We kicked off the year with a list of 52 "paths to fitness." You can find it at Please join us by sharing your suggestions via email or by using #LATFit on Twitter and Instagram.

This tip comes to us from Tony Newhall of Valencia, who has managed to come up with the ultimate motivational tool. He's figured out a way to make money while he's working out:

"I've added something to my brisk, 45-minute walk through my suburban community every morning — I carry a plastic bag and pick up litter along the way. It cleans the neighborhood and is its own reward. Plus I keep any plastic bottles and beverage cans I find for my grandkids' recycling stash. This activity gets me going each morning — hoping to collect record trash, cleaning the neighborhood and thrilling my grandkids."

Thanks for the suggestions, Tony!

How are you staying on track in 2013? We want to hear all about it.

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