Discover which health articles have the most interest so far in 2013

Informational articles on Blood clots and hernias were two of the most-sought health posts in the first half of 2013.

The five "most popular story" slots for health were rounded out by three articles involving Johns Hopkins, according to metrics provider Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Of those, two involved Dr. Benjamin Carson, who courted political attention this spring by criticizing Barack Obama's policies in a speech that the president viewed as an audience member.

A collection of pictures related to Carson also made the list of the top photo galleries for the six-month period.

Other top image collections included GBMC's top baby names and a gallery of healthcare industry hires.

Most popular health stories

Hernias in women can be hard to diagnose
Hernias are a common ailment among Americans; more than 4 million people develop the painful condition.

Ben Carson steps down as Hopkins commencement speaker
Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson stepped down Wednesday as commencement speaker at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine after complaints from students about controversial comments concerning same-sex marriage.

Blood clots can lead to stroke and even death if not caught early
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently received a gag gift of protective headgear after she suffered a concussion and blood clot near her brain after a fall.

300 Baltimore medical students learn their professional fate on 'Match Day'
Vernissia Tam gulped down half a glass of champagne at noon Friday and prepared to scream. She was about to find out what kind of doctor she would become, and where she would train.

Controversial address vaults Hopkins' Carson into political arena
Dr. Ben Carson says he didn't anticipate the reaction to what he considered his common-sense remarks as keynote speaker this month at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Most popular health galleries

Celebrities battling illnesses
When celebrities announce that they have an illness or disease they often raise awareness about the condition.

Health Professionals on the Move
Submit (large) photos and information for medical professionals who have recently been promoted, hired or honored.

Dr. Ben Carson through the years
Carson has created his share of press coverage in 2013.

GBMC's top baby names for 2012
Of the 4,057 infants born in 2012 at GBMC in Towson, these are the top names for boys and girls.

McDonald's food you can't get here
It's been 57 years since McDonald's became synonymous with burgers and fries in the U.S. But since 1967, when it opened an outlet in Vancouver, B.C., it has been an international operation. Now it has more than 32,000 stores in 117 countries, some of which don't eat burgers but all of which, it turns out, eat fries. Here's what else you can find at Mickey D's around the world.

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