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Paddle board yoga and pilates comes indoors

Paddle board yoga became a big craze in the last few years, but the class was limited to the summer months when it was warm.

But now paddle board yoga is coming indoors.

Ultimate Watersports is partnering with MAC Fitness in Harbor East to offer the classes in the gym's pool.

A demo of the class will be heldThursday and Saturday, and a four-week clinic will be offered in March.

The class involves doing yoga on a surfboard, which adds an extra layer of balance, making the workout harder, said Hal Ashman, president of Ultimate Watersports. The company offers the class in the summer months outdoors at Dundee Creek in Gunpowder Falls State Park.

"It magnifies the degree of the core workout that you already get with yoga and Pilates," Ashman said. 

 Stand-up paddleboarding was popular before surfing but died off when people found it easier to paddle lying on their stomachs. The sport has come back in the past few years -- first on the West Coast, then on the East Coast, and now with yoga.

Ashman said he also is working with two other gyms to offer the indoor classes.

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