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Academy of Pediatrics finds no evidence organic food is better for kids' health

Parents who feed their kids an organic diet may not be giving them the health advantage they think.

There is no evidence eating organic foods cuts back on the risk of disease over the long-run, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in a report this week.

More large studies with human subjects need to be done to determine a link, the group said.

Organic foods have the same nutrients, vitamins and proteins as conventional foods, the doctors group found.

Pesticides levels are lower in organic foods, but there is not enough long-term evidence to know if that impacts health.

The researchers said that to save on the cost of organic foods, parents can buy conventional versions of foods that are known to have lower pesticide levels, such as eggplant, avocado and grapefruit. The Environmental Working Group has a guide to organic food shopping.

The Academy of Pediatrics, whose guidelines are often followed by doctors around the country, said the best thing for parents to do is to make sure their children are eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables - organic or not.





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