Which states don't cover circumcision?

I wrote today about a Johns Hopkins study that found a decline in circumcisions has cost the country $2 billion in extra medical costs in the past decade.

The Hopkins scientists say they think fewer babies are getting the procedure because states aren't paying for it under Medicaid. (Maryland isn't among them.) State Medicaid plans account for two-fifths of all births.

Here are the 18 states that don't cover circumcisions and the year they stopped:

Colorado 2011

South Carolina 2011

Louisiana 2005

Idaho 2005

Minnesota 2005

Maine 2004

Montana 2003

Utah 2003

Florida 2003

Missouri 2002

Arizona 2002

North Carolina 2002

California before 1999

North Dakota before 1999 

Oregon before 1999

Mississippi before 1999

Nevada before 1999

Washington before 1999




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